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Sexiest Man in Country Music

August 11, 2008

This is a tough decision to make… Country Weekly’s cyber poll asks readers to chose the sexiest man in country music. As we mentioned HERE before, we’d like to mix a few things to create one sexy man, but since we can’t do that, we’ll have to chose one.

Erin’s pick: Kenny Chesney

Lauren’s pick: Luke Bryan

You decide! Who is the sexiest man in Country music?

VOTE here, but leave us a comment with your choice!!!

We’ve already gotten 2 comments of people who wrote in for Jake Owen! Why isn’t he on that list!!??? What’s up with that?!


Chart Update: New #1 This Week!

August 8, 2008

Sugarland’s “All I Want To Do” knocked Alan Jackson’s “Good Time” out of the #1 spot! We can’t get enough of it! What a great summertime feel good song!

We’re also excited to say that Luke Bryan’s “Country Man” climbed 2 spots this week to #20! Keep requesting his single at your local stations…and while you’re requesting that one, don’t forget to request Kenny Chesney‘s new single, “Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven.”

To view the charts for the week on Billboard’s Top Country Songs Chart, CLICK HERE!

Luke Bryan Fan Club Up and Running!

August 6, 2008

In case you haven’t noticed, we are BIG fans of Luke Bryan! We just wanted to let everyone know that his fan club, “The Nuthouse” is officially up and running!

The fan club opened a few months ago, but as of yesterday morning, the message boards were finally open! Come join the fun in “The Nuthouse!” (You know you want to!!!)

We are proud to call ourselves members of Luke’s Nuthouse! How about you?!

PS: Isn’t that a nice view ladies?

Luke Bryan ~ Country Man

July 31, 2008

Luke Bryan’s BRAND NEW video was just posted at!! “Country Man”, Luke’s current single is at #22 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart! So keep requesting it, we need to get it to the TOP!!!

We love the video! It totally shows his awesome sense of humor and that’s one of the things we love most about him!!! We also love the Dierks Bentley cameos!!!

What do you think?
CLICK HERE to see it!

NOW That’s What I Call Country!

July 29, 2008

“NOW That’s What I Call Music” is the world’s best selling multi-artist album collection and next month, we will have a country music edition!

“NOW That’s What I Call Country” will hit stores August 26th.

We’re excited about this track listing!!

1. CARRIE UNDERWOOD ~ “All-American Girl”
2. RASCAL FLATTS ~ “Winner At A Losing Game”
3. GARY ALLAN ~ “Watching Airplanes”
4. REBA MCENTIRE (duet w/ KELLY CLARKSON) ~ “Because Of You)
5. KEITH URBAN ~ “Everybody”
6. SUGARLAND ~ “Stay”
7. LADY ANTEBELLUM ~ “Love Don’t Live Here”
8. TAYLOR SWIFT ~ “Picture To Burn”
9. DIERKS BENTLEY ~ “Trying To Stop Your Leaving”
10. LUKE BRYAN ~ “All My Friends Say”

11. BRAD PAISLEY ~ “Letter To Me”
12. GEORGE STRAIT ~ “I Saw God Today”
13. JULIANNE HOUGH ~ “That Song In My Head”
14. SARA EVANS ~ “As If”
15. KENNY CHESNEY ~ “Don’t Blink”
16. TRACE ADKINS ~ “You’re Gonna Miss This”

17. CHRIS CAGLE ~ “What Kinda Gone”
18. KELLIE PICKLER ~ “Things That Never Cross A Man’s Mind”
19. JOSH TURNER (featuring TRISHA YEARWOOD) ~ “Another Try”


Our Favorite Country Man

July 28, 2008

Luke Bryan‘s single “Country Man” is climbing the charts and currently sits at #22 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart. We’re excited to announce that in his most recent webisode, Luke was shown shooting scenes for the “Country Man” video! We can’t wait to see it!

He looks HOT in that blue shirt, right ladies?

Unlucky Luke

July 23, 2008

Luke Bryan ran into some bad luck this week. On his way to a show in Carlinville, IL, Luke’s bus got STUCK in over a foot and a half of MUD! The crew tried getting it out, but that bus wasn’t moving. In order to make it to the show, the crew rented passenger vans and finished out the 8.5 hour trip to the venue (from Hays, Kansas to Carlinville).

One Luke fan said that at the show, the crew had to literally wipe mud off of the equipment (mic stands, drums, guitars, etc.)!! Luke didn’t let that stop the show! He still wow-ed fans with a great performance! Like the old saying, “the show must go on!”

On top of getting stuck in the mud, it’s rumored that while he and the band were off of the bus, a band from Texas broke in and stole, of all things, Luke’s BOOTS!! How crazy is that? Apparently, their belongings were still there, but the boots were gone! The police were contacted and the boots were returned. We’re glad Luke got those boots back! Those are like a Luke trademark!! We hope that his luck turns around soon!

Fan Story ~ Tiffany & Luke

July 21, 2008

Tiffany contacted us with a great Luke Bryan story!

To get a good spot in line at Luke’s Minneapolis show, Tiffany showed up at the venue around 1 pm. (What a hardcore fan! We appreciate that dedication! Been there, done that, got the T-shrit!!!) She decided to burn some time by stopping in the bar next door to grab a bite to eat. Little did she know, it was a BIKER BAR called THE JOINT…haha!!! Poor girl said she stuck out like a “sore thumb” wearing a bright pink tee shirt with all of the biker guys in their black biker threads! She made the best of it though…what a trooper!

Going into that bar was the best decision ever because just a little while later, Luke Bryan and his band showed up! She chatted with them for a bit and even brought up his latest YouTube moment. He gave her one of his famous Luke hugs and headed back to the Cabooze for a soundcheck.

Tiffany, being the awesome Luke fan that she is, gave the bartender Luke’s CD to play for everyone. Several people at the bar asked her who was singing, so of course she bragged about him! She probably sold a few tickets to that night’s show too! Way to go Tiffany for helping promote Luke!!!

As a member of the newly established “Nut House” (Luke Bryan’s Fan Club), Tiffany also had a Meet and Greet with Luke before the show! He remembered her and thanked her for hanging out all day. Here she is with Luke Bryan!

Thanks for sharing your story Tiffany!!!

Man BEHIND the Lyrics

July 19, 2008

We thought it would be cool to post about the people behind the songs every now and then. So much attention is given to the singer, but a lot of times, not enough attention to the actual artist, the songwriter behind the lyrics.

Singer/Songwriter (Patrick) Jason Matthews is one of those people behind the songs. He has written or co-written many songs we all know and love such as “Must Be Doin’ Something Right” (Billy Currington), “Break Down Here”(Julie Roberts), and “Country Man” (Luke Bryan). Matthews has also worked with Trace Adkins, Chuck Wicks, and James Otto.

He recently turned the tables and has released his very own album and new single. The single is called “That’s What Mama’s Do.” The lyrics are very cute (and true)- reminds us of our moms (and myself – Erin!) You can hear it here on his Myspace. If you like this song, call your local stations and request it!

Rained Out

July 19, 2008

Luke Bryan celebrated his 32nd birthday on Thursday night with a show at the Ellis County Fair in Kansas. Fans brought him a birthday cake and even serenaded him with “Happy Birthday” during his pre-show Meet & Greet. About half way into his set, the show was canceled due to an approaching thunderstorm. The wind was said to be so bad that Luke asked the audience if there was a tornado coming and then said, “I don’t want to end up in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ tomorrow!” Too bad his birthday show had to end early!